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Paradise Lost MULTi9-ElAmigos


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The war lasted 20 more years and ended up on fire when the Nazis launched nuclear missiles on most of Europe. As a result, the center of the continent remains wrapped in the mystery of total destruction and mortal radiation, inaccessible for the rest of the world.Eres Szymon, a 12-year-old boy who has just discovered a huge Nazi bunker as he walked down the terrain. Nuclear from Poland after the death of his mother. He is looking for an unknown man who appears in a photograph that treasured his mother. Who is he? Will you be able to find it?

Info Scene [Build 09.06.2021]

Upload size / to download: 12058MB
RAR parts: 2047MB (interchangeable/compatible)
ISO image size: 12058MB
Number of compressions: only one
Data recovery: none
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Polish, Russian, Portuguese-Brazil, Japanese, Chinese Simplified
Dubbing/Audio: English



Minimum requirements
OS: Windows 10
Processor: i5
Memory: 4 GB of RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 960
Storage: 30 GB of available space


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